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Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp


In 2014 Gwyn Kirk deposited six organized boxes of personal papers at MayDay Rooms relating to her long and deep involvement with the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp that grew up in protest against the siting of America Cruise missiles at RAF Greenham Common. Gwyn reflects: “The campaign spoke to me because it was creative and led by women. It pushed me to think about my responsibility for the state of the world: its systems of inequality, violence and greed”. Gwyn, who grew up in Britain, moved to the US in 1982 to work on a lawsuit that Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles brought against Reagan et al. In some ways this collection of materials figures as the background research to this lawsuit as well as to a book, ‘Greenham Women Are Everywhere’ (1983), that Gwyn co-authored with Alice Cook. Amongst the materials are press clippings, self-published newsletters, flyers, film, correspondence, fanzines and documentation of the international support the Women of Greenham received.

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