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Inspired by the fruitful of exchange of Big Flame, Midnight Notes & Zeroworks with Italian political and theoretical developments, MayDay rooms has begun a small collection of Italian language materials and associated translations. These cover the Red Notes project and the early translations of Sergio Bologna and Mario Tronti in Telos Journal. We are grateful to Neinsager for dropping off some Italian language journals including an anthology of autonomist texts from 1974 and to Steve Wright for copies of America Owl and documents pertaining to the Committee Against Repression in Italy. A visit from Giovanni Rubino and Aria Spinelli in March 2015 saw the activation of this collection in the form of a group discussion with Giovanni about some facets of his solidarity-driven artistic work as a muralist at the Alfa Romeo factory and as the instigator of a collective performance at the Edison Factory in Mortedison.

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